Free Download Whatsapp For PC Full Version

While thinking about a virtual communicating platform you should free download WhatsApp for pc full version. It is very nice among others all over the world. Here I will tell you why you should prefer using WhatsApp instead of other communicating platforms. Sending free text messages and voice calls are attractive features. Only for free texting, this app becomes so popular. This way you can save money. Only you need the Wi-Fi connections. You need not send text messages by spending money again.

Features With Free Download Whatsapp For Pc Full Version

One of the best features of Whatsapp is that you can get the latest communication platform in comparison to the others. Many people can contact you with messages by adding different emojis. You can easily identify with whom you can talk most. Again, you can make free calls and disable the receipts. Also muting the notifications is very easy. Controlling personal information is very easy WhatsApp on pc or android.

Moreover, sharing documents directly is also so easy with WhatsApp that you can enable Google Drive and iCloud Drive. Unlike other irritating apps, it has the option to stop incoming photos and videos automatically. While using free download WhatsApp for pc full version you can also transfer files from mobile to computer. You can also detect the location of your friend by watching their messages. It has a backup option for both images and videos. If you lose anything, it has the restore option. Anytime, you can send your conversation via email.

Benefits Of Whatsapp For Pc Full Version

Admin has the control option through which one can restrict the group’s subject, icon, and description. Whenever you are comparing it with skype free call app, you can easily identify the difference. For business owners, this app is very popular. In case of privacy issues, you can hide the photos and videos from the gallery. For professional use, there is no other alternative to WhatsApp. So, WhatsApp is very popular for the business class. This is so easy to operate and user friendly. Filter support and star messaging are also other attractive benefits.

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However, the users often complain that in case of overuse of this app, you may face distraction. The privacy option of WhatsApp is very poor because one can see your profile picture if he/she has your contact number. There is a two-step verification system that can ensure a secure conversation. You can upload limited file size and can uninstall the annoying apps if you find unknown persons are calling. For uploading files, there is a limit of 100MB in size. It is shocking that there is no self-destruction option of data is available for you.

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