Potential Reasons – Why Do Project Fail and How Project Managers Can Prevent?

The principle aim of this text is to spot and explore multiple dimensions of project failures throughout the whole lifetime of project execution. several comes fail, particularly IT comes. There are tiny things which may decide fate of project.Potential Reasons - Why Do Project Fail and How Project Managers Can Prevent?


In a excellent world each project would be “on time and among budget.” it isn’t uncommon for comes to fail.

Question – “Did the project deliver the results and quality we have a tendency to expected?”

failure will happen in any organization and to any project.

Sometimes it’s out of the management of a project manager and/or the team members. I actually have tried to draft few important and most elementary reasons supported my expertise for project failure and should disagree project to project.

Here are the a number of the common reasons why project fails – supported my expertise.

  1. Incompetent Project Manager

First doable reason behind project failure is that the project manager. A project manager World Health Organization helps steer the project in a very timely fashion and provides sound, inspiring  leadership will go a protracted approach toward transferrable a couple of triple-crown project. Reasons like “an incompetent project manager” “project manager unwilling to create selections,” “project issues ignored”, “poor management by the project leader,” “loss of management by the project manager,” and “the failure of the project manager to delegate”, “working as solely as coordinator” are most significant reason given for project failure.

  1. Less Involvement of Project Managers

Even the largest project depends on the success of the tiniest parts. On comparatively inexperienced groups, project managers should be concerned within the details for key activities.

  1. inaccessibility to trained Resources

Every project has some resource estimations before beginning of the project and even each marketer submits key personnel details and profile as a part of bidding method to amass project. but image is usually opposite once project is awarded.

  1. Lack of correct coming up with

Project managers ought to have clear comes outcomes visibility and may involve himself./herself right from sales fork out as this section is important for project success.

  1. Lack of Management Support/Leadership Alignment

The involvement e.g. through project update sessions imply that they’re willing to require acceptable actions to handle problems raised by the project team, mitigate the project risks, give leadership, therefore causative to the project success.

  1. Missing Communication

Communication arrange plays terribly substantial role in project success or failure. to save lots of your project from failure, project manager have to be compelled to establish a transparent line.

  1. Ignoring amendment Management method

It’s critical to outline your amendment management method steps. A firm understanding of amendment management principles can function a powerful backbone for any amendment management arrange. amendment is inevitable, regardless of the dimensions of your project.

  1. No Risk Management method

Many comes fail as a result of there’s no risk management method as associate integral a part of the project management method.

  1. Inadequate Quality Assurance

Software comes typically fail once no quality assurance activities are planned and no systematic activities are performed to judge the standard of development method or final deliverables. {this is this is typically this is} as a result of managers often fail to project acceptable reviews tests or checkpoints wherever quality can be verified.

  1. Missing Project Management Tools/Framework

Successful comes are supported a technique or framework that has project management tools. Right approach will facilitate project managers to remain on prime of the project and by mistreatment some reliable management tools; project managers will enhance the team’s productivity, will increase accuracy and save time by automating activities like task chase and managing dependencies.

  1. Company/Project Culture

Company or project culture mustn’t be supported with political surroundings. Any actions that project managers go for move project execution from the field into associate objective and analytical one can improve the project’s success. it’s job of project managers to manage and inspire so project efforts can expertise a zone of best performance throughout its life.

  1. Inappropriate Prioritization

Project managers ought to lead prioritization exercise in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders.

  1. Inaccurate neutral Analysis

Stakeholder Analysis is that the beginning and a very important method that triple-crown project managers use to win support from others. Managing stakeholders helps them to make sure that their comes succeed wherever others would possibly fail.

  1. Use of unacquainted with Tools

Project managers ought to make sure that tools aren’t enforced  on project team members, simply to utilize for fulfillment of audit compliance unless tools adding some productivity and avoid wasting efforts.

  1. amendment – perpetually speech communication “Yes’ to the client

Many behaviors will cause a project to fail, however accretive regardless of the shopper says is bound to spell project doom. amendment may be a major reason behind project failure.

  1. Bonding between Project Team Members

It is the prime responsibility of project managers to unite the team members to attain a typical goal. As a project manager, an honest understanding of those stages would facilitate in guiding a team from infancy to maturity that creates required bonding. All of them contribute towards taking you one step nearer to project failure.

  1. impossible Expectations

At the start of a project, it is vital to line realistic expectations for each member or stakeholders World Health Organization are a section of the project. Project managers should have one on one session with individual team members and facilitate them perceive their role within the project.

  1. Talking Through issues

Condensing unhealthy news internally for long enough can solely seed the explosion anon. It’s is okay to try to for a restricted amount, however you may have to be compelled to take a while to drag it out, examine it, feel it, and study it thus you’ll be able to notice how to re-channel it, or transmute it into another quite energy.

  1. Guesstimates – Efforts

An inaccurate estimate will leave a project team slogging day and night to fulfill a point. The project would possibly finally be delivered on time-but with an enormous effort overrun. Project Manager is to blame for correct and re-estimation post sales fork out.

  1. Avoiding Code Reviews

Assuming that testing can catch bugs or that defects are fastened quicker once you recognize wherever code is breaking.

  1. Skipping Prototyping

Defects may result from a misunderstanding of necessities and a interpretation of explicit  necessities. though necessities are well-documented, they need to be valid for proper understanding. Feedback should be planned at varied stages throughout a project to scale back risks.


There might be many alternative, ostensibly freelance causes of project failure. However, it becomes clear that several of those causes are literally joined to project managers (which could disagree project to project) and their approach of execution. Past failure mustn’t discourage project managers from future efforts.